Why Natural skin care?

Why not! Many people take excellent care of their bodies by exercising and eating healthy, avoiding foods that contain hormones and chemical preservatives, not realizing that those harmful toxins are getting into their system in other ways.

Your moisturizers, eye creams and makeup may seem harmless, but if you take a closer look at the ingredients,  you may be surprised. Some of those ingredients could be hazardous to your health, even increasing many conditions they claim to prevent.  Chemical dyes, preservatives and fragrances are the leading ingredients that cause many skin irritations, inflamation and breakouts.

So why not invest in your skin's health and longevity by applying products that are natural and safe, while improving the overall tone, texture and apperance of your skin!

Treatment Menu 


All treatments are performed using 100% natural skin care products, that are safe and effective for people of all ages and skin types. A personalized skin analysis is included with all treatments.

Rejuvenating Facial|  Starts with an exfoliating cleanse and facial massage. While a customized masque renews your skin, you'll enjoy a hand or shoulder massage, followed by a hydrating moisturizer.

75mins | 95

Refreshing Facial|  A petite rejuvenating treatment.  Ideal for a first experience or when your short on time.

45mins | 65

Tranquility Facial|  Our signature experience that is worth repeating. This facial not only brings you to a state of bliss, but it keeps the skin looking youthful, healthy and glowing. 

90mins | 110

Timeless Facial|  Perfect for sun damaged, maturing and stressed skin.  With a double exfoliation to bring skins radiance back to a youthful glow by improving the skins elasticity, tone and texture.

60mins | 100

Detoxifying Facial|  This treatment focuses on purifying your skin with a deep cleanse, followed by extractions, concentrating on your skins challenges.

60mins | 90

Revitalizing Rescue|  A soothing remedy to give you a vibrant glow. Release the tension in your neck and face with this anti-aging acupressure massage that will leave the skin toned and relaxed.

35mins | 55

-All Facials can be purchased in a series of three and you'll receive the fourth half off.

Body Care

Purifying Back Facial | Includes a deep steam cleansing scrub with extractions if necessary, followed by a masque designed to rid your skin of impurities and hydrate this hard to reach area.

45mins | 85

Balance|  A gentle dry body brushing to stimulate circulation and help rid the body of toxins, followed by an application of essential oils to balance the mind and body.

45mins | 65


Nourish|  A gentle dry brushing of the hands followed by a hydrating warm paraffin masque. Have alone or add on to any facial.

20min | 35

Soothe|  A nourishing scalp treatment to ease tension and calm the nervous system. | Oil's can remain in hair for couple hours to overnight, so this treatment is not ideal if you have something planned afterwards. |

25mins | 40

Renew|  This is a cooling eye treatment and warming foot treatment to ease stress and relax the body.

40mins | 55