Don't be fooled by high SPF's!

For years I have heard people say that they use a high SPF sunscreen, so they are protected...this is far from the truth!  As is the case for many things, the more people hear something repeated, the more they trust and believe in it. Please do yourself and your family a favor this summer, and all year round for that matter, and read the links I've provided, to better understand why good quality Natural Sunscreens are so important to the health of everyone! As this may sound like a contradiction to the links I sent you, some of EWG's information in these guides is inaccurate, and I do believe they favor the company's who pay them....yes, they charge companies to review these products, but with no other sources that are more honest, I feel this guide speaks a lot of truth in regards to the myths of high SPF's and is a good roundabout guide to what sunscreens to stay away from.

Here are a few great links to read that will clearly define the dangers of the wrong suncreen:

9 Surprising Facts About Sunscreen

What's Wrong With High SPF 

A Great Guide of Good Sunscreens vs. Bad Sunscreens