Service Price Increases

I strive to provide as much time and value to every client with all the services I offer. I believe that the time I spend with clients and the quality of the custom tailored services I provide reflects those goals. With that being said, since opening The Art of Aesthetics 5 years ago, I have tried very hard to keep my pricing as low as possible, absorbing the extra costs which have steadily increased year over year. As of February 1st, 2014, you will see an increase in the price of all services to offset some of this ever increasing cost of the high quality products I utilize. I hope these prices will in no way affect your loyalty to The Art of Aesthetics, as I am confident that even at these increased rates, the custom tailored services I provide come with tremendous value and results, always exceeding expectations.

**If you are interested in taking advantage of the current skin care rates and making them last a little longer, any facial packages that are purchased at the current rates, prior to February 1st, 2014, will be honored until expired. That will give you your next 4 facials at the current rates, whether you wait to use them or not.

Don't be fooled by high SPF's!

For years I have heard people say that they use a high SPF sunscreen, so they are protected...this is far from the truth!  As is the case for many things, the more people hear something repeated, the more they trust and believe in it. Please do yourself and your family a favor this summer, and all year round for that matter, and read the links I've provided, to better understand why good quality Natural Sunscreens are so important to the health of everyone! As this may sound like a contradiction to the links I sent you, some of EWG's information in these guides is inaccurate, and I do believe they favor the company's who pay them....yes, they charge companies to review these products, but with no other sources that are more honest, I feel this guide speaks a lot of truth in regards to the myths of high SPF's and is a good roundabout guide to what sunscreens to stay away from.

Here are a few great links to read that will clearly define the dangers of the wrong suncreen:

9 Surprising Facts About Sunscreen

What's Wrong With High SPF 

A Great Guide of Good Sunscreens vs. Bad Sunscreens


New Lounge Area Underway!

We have begun the overhaul of our old reception area, to transform it into a relaxing lounge area complete with a comfy bench seating area, and a cozy fireplace for those cold upstate New York winters! Keep an eye on our News and Events page for updates, as we hope to have the project complete by Mid August. 

New Reception Area Complete!

We recently completed our new reception area and posted photos in our Gallery page! We hope that the convenience of being able to enter off the parking lot will make our clients visits more enjoyable. With an expanded retail product selection, we continue to try to stock the most popular Hylunia and Jane Iredale products. We can order anything you don't see on our shelves and ship directly to your home! So don't hesitate to ask for that special item you might not see on the shelf.